Doctoral Program Application Guidelines

For October 2024 enrollment: Kyoto University Graduate School of Science Doctoral Program Application Guidelines

Please download the Doctoral Program Application Guidelines from below and print out necessary forms by yourself to use as application documents (Paper size: A4, Single-side printing).

For currently enrolled students in the Master's Program of the Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University

Those advancing from the master's to doctoral program within the same department (or within the Division of Chemistry) do NOT need to apply in accordance with these Guidelines. Instead, they should proceed in accordance with the department (or the division)'s instructions.

For Reference

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Applicants who graduated from universities overseas, and who intended to apply for the status of research student, master's degree student, doctoral degree student are advised to begin the AAO (Admission Assistance Office) application procedure prior to beginning the graduate admissions process. Further information, please refer to the following link:

Admissions guide for graduates of overseas universities