Career Paths for Kyoto University (KU) Undergraduate and Postgraduate Science Program Completers

Most of our program completers find employment in the research, education, government, or private sector.






Among the graduates of the KU Undergraduate School of Science, approximately four-fifths enter the graduate school and one-tenth start a professional career in the private or other sectors and engage in scientific and technological activities. Each year, approximately 100 individuals earn their doctoral (PhD) degree from KU.


Career Paths for Doctoral (PhD) Degree Holders

A large majority of the doctorate holders aiming to acquire a tenure-track position find posts as postdoctoral researchers or assistant professors. An increasing number of students completing the doctoral program find employment at private companies where their skills and knowledge are needed for research and development purposes. The private sector is adopting various strategies to hire doctorate holders, including mid-career recruitment. Some companies regularly seek doctorate holder candidates using the same application procedure as that for new graduates and master's degree holders.


Career Paths for Master's Degree Holders

Approximately one-half of the master's degree completers find employment in private companies, government, or educational institutions. Approximately one-half of them enter the doctoral program to gain skills and competency to plan and execute their own research and development projects. A major characteristic of the KU Master's Program of Science is that its percentage of students who enter the doctoral program is substantially larger than the corresponding percentages at other master's programs.


Career Paths for the School of Science Graduates

A large majority of the graduates enter the master's program, with approximately 15% finding employment. Thirty years ago, approximately one-half of graduates entered the job market. In recent years, larger percentages of graduates have chosen to continue their postgraduate education to acquire high levels of expertise.



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