Master's Program Application Guidelines

For 2023  including October 2022 enrollment: Guidelines for Applicants to the Master’s Program

Please download them from below and print out necessary forms by yourself to use as application documents (Paper size: A4).
For the contact furtherer information, refer to "Links to Divisions and Departments:" at the bottom of this page. 

The division of Physics and Astronomy: Postponed Introduction of the External English Examination for Graduate School Master's Program Entrance Exam

 We had announced that from the one performed in the summer of 2020, applicants for the entrance examination to the graduate school master's program in the division of Physics and Astronomy should submit a score report of either the TOEFL-iBT or TOEIC Listening & Reading external English test, in place of the written exam of English. However, because of the uncertainty caused by the outbreak of new coronavirus, we decided to postpone the introduction of these external English examinations. Applicants will take an original English examination as before. Note that we have no general entrance examination in English to enter the master's program.
(There is an exception for government fellowship students.) See here for details in Japanese. 

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Applicants who graduated from universities overseas, and who intended to apply for the status of research student, master's degree student, doctoral degree student are advised to begin the AAO (Admission Assistance Office) application procedure prior to beginning the graduate admissions process. Further information, please refer to the following link:

Admissions guide for graduates of overseas universities