The Graduate School of Science has five divisions, which are further divided into departments, laboratories, or groups or on the basis of research fields. 
The backgrounds and research activities of faculty members are summarized in the documents provided below.


Please Note:

  • Before you apply, please check the Application Guidelines and ensure that the ones you are interested in are planning to accept new students.
  • The format of research topic descriptions provided in the documents below varies from one division to another. The faculty members whose names are followed by the symbol "#" are expected to retire by the end of AY 2024. Other faculty members might resign within the present AY to move to other academic institutions.


In-Person Meeting with the Advisor/Supervisor of Your Choice

  • Prospective Master's Students: Some divisions prefer that prospective students meet with the advisors/supervisors of their choice before they apply for admission.
  • Prospective PhD Students: Please contact the advisor/supervisor of your choice before you apply for admission.

Faculty Members and Their Activities: AY 2024 Admission

Posted April 18, 2024


Application Guidelines