An interview with Associate Professor Kazuki Nakanishi of the Division of Chemistry was broadcast on NHK WORLD’s NEWSLINE.


In cooperation with Assistant Professor Kazuyoshi Kanamori and others, Nakanishi has been studying low density porous materials (aerogels) with networks of inorganic crosslinks and organic ends, and has reported that they show high flexibility against compressive deformation.


In addition, Nakanishi succeeded in preparing aerogels with a network that polymerizes not only among inorganic sites but also organic sites, and found that these aerogels show flexibility not only in compressive deformation but also in large bending deformation.


As these materials promise the possibility of a wide variety of unique applications, including as high-performance transparent superinsulators, these aerogels are drawing wide media attention such as in this broadcast.


The NEWSLINE program was broadcast five times on September 25, and can also be viewed on the following page.


(June 5, 2023: Link removed due to end of publication of linked page.)

Interview scene