Registration of video and image data:

  • Video and image data to be registered in the Archives shall be limited to those kept by the individual (Researcher) who holds the original copyright or appropriate exploitation rights of the data and belongs to the Division of Biological Sciences of Kyoto University as a teaching staff or a student.
  • The responsibilities to assure the credibility, accuracy, legality, and quality of Video and Image Data rest with the Researcher.
  • The Researcher approves of browsing and using the Video and Image Data within the scope of the KyU Tube Bio User Agreement. The Video and Image Data may continue to be used even after the Video and Image Data are deleted from the Archives, to the extent that it has already been used in compliance with the User Agreement.
  • The registration, correction, and deletion of Video and Image Data shall be done by the person in charge who is appointed by the chief of the laboratory to which the individual who is going to register video and image data to the Archives belongs, with approval from the Administrative Organization.
  • To browse or use any Video and Image Data beyond the scope of the KyU Tube Bio User Agreement, further consent from the Researcher shall be obtained. In obtaining this consent, the Researcher shall be responsible for necessary procedures (including but not limited to making notification to or obtaining consent from Kyoto University) according to the policies and rules of the University.
  • The Researcher may delete his/her registered Video and Image Data by contacting the Administrative Organization any time he/she wants. When the Researcher does not belong to the Division of Biological Sciences any longer but wants to delete his/her Video and Image Data, the Researcher shall contact the Administrative Organization.