Class Cancellation & Exam Rescheduling (Weather Warnings, Transport Service Disruptions)

In the event that a weather warning is issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) or public transport services are disrupted, the following measures will be taken to ensure students' safety.


Class Cancellation & Exam Rescheduling

Classes/Exams at the Faculty of Science will be cancelled/rescheduled, respectively, if either:

  1. An emergency warning of any kind or a storm warning is issued by JMA to Kyoto City or an area encompassing the city;
  2. Kyoto City Bus services are totally disrupted;
  3. Three or more of the following services are either totally or partially disrupted: Japan Railway West (Kyoto-bound trains); Hankyu Railway (Kyoto line); Keihan Railway (Demachiyanagi-Yodoyabashi/Nakanoshima); and Kintetsu Railway (Kyoto-Yamato Saidaiji); or
  4. Dean of the Faculty and Graduate School of Science finds it necessary to do so.

In the event that either of the above situations 1–4 occurs past the start of a class/exam, the class/exam will be cancelled/rescheduled respectively.


Resuming School Operations

Classes and exams will be held in the event that the emergency/storm warning is lifted or public transport services resume as follows:

  1. Lifted/Resumed by 6:30 am: From the first period (8:45 am)
  2. Lifted/Resumed by 10:30 am: From the third period (1:00 pm)

News Sources & Communication Channels

  1. TV/Radio/Internet broadcasts will be the primary sources for news and updates on emergency/storm warnings and public transport operations. For the latest updates, see:
  2. In the event that either of the situations 1–4 listed above occurs past the start of the first period, students will be notified of a course of actions to take via such communication channels as the bulletin boards.