Mission & Objectives

Science comprises disciplines that explore the principles and laws governing natural phenomena. Through the products of scientific endeavor, these disciplines have contributed enormously to cultural advancements as intellectual assets and to universal improvements in human well-being and living standards across the globe.


Achievements to date: Since its inception over 100 years ago, Kyoto University's Faculty and Graduate School of Science has made major discoveries in the fields of mathematics, physics, astronomy, earth and planetary sciences, chemistry and biological sciences, while also creating such new fields of study as primatology.


By doing so the school has garnered a stellar reputation worldwide, which is exemplified by its alumni as well as current and former faculty of the highest caliber, including six Nobel laureates and two Fields Medal winners.


Mission: We have the mission of enabling all enrolled students to elucidate the fundamental mechanisms of the natural sciences and, with that foundation, develop their abilities to pursue original research, create new intellectual value through pooled knowledge, and excel in independent career roles as researchers or responsible professionals.


To this end, we strive to be a place where academic freedom are preserved and promoted, and that is open to the public, students and academics at home and abroad.


Objectives: We value our students and faculty's autonomy and intellectual passion; commit ourselves to advancing fundamental and exploratory sciences; and seek to push back the frontiers of inter- and multi-disciplinary areas of study.


We also engage in teaching and research in the fields ranging from bio-sciences to nano-technology to environmental and energy sciences, so as to address global issues pertaining to these areas.


Organization Structure: The Faculty and Graduate School of Science consists of the following five divisions and three affiliated facilities:

  • Division of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
  • Division of Physics and Astronomy
  • Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Division of Chemistry
  • Division of Biological Sciences
  • Observatory
  • Data Analysis Center for Geomagnetism and Space Magnetism
  • Institute for Geothermal Sciences