Zoology Ethology ZET003


Male flying lizards have a colored dewlap under their throat. They communicate with each other using several stereotyped dewlap extension patterns. These patterns are species specific, and the dewlap can extend to advertise their territory, perform male-male combat, and court females. Males also exhibit a stereotyped push-up display, which is a ritualized display used for advertisement of their territory and male-male combat.



Country Malaysia Use of Microscope Don't Use
Region Sawarak Use of Automatic Shooting Devices Don't Use
Shooting Date 1990/1,1990/12-1991/1 Use of Fluorescent Probe Don't Use
Shooting Time 11:11 Use of Infrared Don't Use
Photographer Akira MORI Shooting Interval (Sec.) ---
Copyright Holder Akira MORI Shooting Speed 標準

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